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AL 6600 Auto Lensmeter

Product description:

AL 6600 Auto Lensmeter<br /><br />Wavefront technology with Hartmann sensor (117 points)<br />Simultaneous measurement of UV/Blue light and power<br />Lens mark recognition support<br />Simple power mapping<br />WiFi, LAN and RS-232C connection<br /><br />WAVEFRONT TECHNOLOGY WITH HARTMANN SENSOR (117 POINTS)<br />Using 117 point Hartmann sensor wavefront technology in AL 6400/ AL 6600, superior measurement accuracy and speed for all types of lenses is guaranteed. Green LED measurement light allows to measure high index lenses without the<br />need of Abbe compensation.<br /><br />SIMULTANEOUS MEASUREMENT OF UV/BLUE LIGHT AND POWER<br />Blue light filtering lenses have found their way to the optic shops and play an important role to protect the eyes from harmful blue light emission of LED screens.<br /><br />Show your patients the transmittance<br />of blue light (465 nm) and of UV light (375 nm) passing through their lenses simultaneously while measuring the optical power.<br /><br />LENS MARK RECOGNITION SUPPORT<br />Various grid patterns will assist you to recognize the lens marks easier as well as to visualize the distortion of multifocal lenses. <br />The grid patterns are changed by swiping the finger over the 7-inch touch panel.<br /><br />SIMPLE POWER MAPPING<br />Visualize the progression zone of multifocal lenses with the simple power mapping function. The use of PD-value and the L-value<br />is recommended and is an exclusive function of AL 6600.<br /><br />SPECIFICATIONS<br />MEASUREMENT RANGE<br />Spherical power (SPH) +/- 25 D<br />Cylindrical power (CYL) +/- 10 D<br />Axial angle (AXIS) 0 to 180°<br />Additional power -2 to 10 D<br />Prism power 0 to 15<br />MEASUREMENT INCREMENT<br />Diopter 0.01 / 0.06 / 0.12 / 0.25 D<br />Prism 0.01 / 0.06 / 0.12 / 0.25<br />MEASUREMENT PARAMETERS<br />Wavelength 535 nm<br />Diameter of the lens f20 to 120 mm,<br />more than f5 mm for CL<br />Pupillary distance 40 to 86 mm, step: 0.5 mm<br />(for AL 6600 only)<br />Measurement object Spectacle lens, contact lens,<br />optical lens<br />Transmittance of UV The peak of the wavelength<br />is 375 nm<br />Transmittance of blue light The peak of the wavelength<br />is 465 nm<br />Display 7-inch-wide colour TFT<br />with touch panel<br />Printer Thermal printer,<br />paper width 58 mm<br />External communication<br />port RS-232C, USB3.0, Ethernet<br />DIMENSONS & ELECTRIC REQUIREMENTS<br />Dimensions WDH 188 x 240 x 430 mm<br />(when LCD is tilted)<br />Weight Approx. 5.5 kg<br />Voltage AC 100 V-240 V<br />Frequency 50/60 Hz<br />Power consumption 40-50 VA

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