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Tonometer Parpebral

Product description:

Tonometer Parpebral Elamed
Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 3 in / 25 x 18 x 8
Weight: 1lb / 0.46 kg Description

TVGD 02 allows to measure for only several seconds the intraocular pressure (VGD) without contact with an eye cornea. It is intended for measurement of VGD through an eyelid, without use of anesthetics.

TVGD-02 – on guards of sight. By means of a contactless tonometer of TVGD 01 it is possible to measure intraocular pressure less, than in a minute.
Comfort and high precision of measurement.Saving of time and funds for expendables; TVGD-02: five steps to comfortable measurement. In the course of measurement there is no contact of a tonometer with an eye cornea that excludes infection; External surfaces of a tonometer are steady against disinfection by a chemical method; All process of measurement takes place under control of electronics that completely excludes damage of a cornea and does a contactless tonometer of eye pressure to the most effective, and also increases measurement accuracy; Patients whose eyes differ in hypersensibility can conduct research repeatedly even, without applying local anesthesia; TVGD-01 allows to take measurement both in situation ""lying"", and in situation ""sitting"". Soft influence of a measuring rod provides the maximum comfort of the patient.

The main reasons to choose TVGD-02: Influence of a century on results of measurement is excluded due to static compression of a century by a rod in the course of measurement; Implementation of self-checking during measurement; Application for expeditious measurement of pressure at the time of the effect of drugs; Application in difficult clinical cases: at contraindications to a corneal tonometriya, at an allergy to anesthetics.There is no risk of infection, sterilization is not required, it is enough to carry out disinfection. TVGD 02 will allow to forget about mechanical devices, work with which was always far from perfect. Getting TVGD-02, you receive expeditious and effective measurement of eye pressure at any time and in any place. The correcting lenses and a make-up will not be an obstacle for carrying out a tonometriya any more.

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